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Full Body Build: Glutes, hammies, quads, bis, tris, chest, upper back (9-18-23)

3x/week with cardio • 1h 1m

Up Next in 3x/week with cardio

  • Low-Impact Cardio Burst (9-18-23)

    None, option to wear tennis shoes

  • Barre Burn: Abs, upper/lower back, bi...

    Barre Equipment:
    - Chair or stool
    - 1 moderate/heavy weight (for kickstand rows and stool hamstring curls, I used 1 20lb)
    - Stool (optional but encouraged)
    - Pillow
    - Loop band
    - Moderate weights (for tricep presses, I used 10lb)
    - 1 light weight (for sidelying triceps, I used 5lb)

    Burn Equipme...

  • Build + & Burn: Abs, upper/lower back...

    Build + Equipment:
    - Heavy weights (variety, see circuit)
    - Moderate weights
    - Chair
    - Stool
    - Pillow

    Burn Equipment:
    -1 set light to moderate weights
    -1 set moderate weights
    -1 light weight

    Optional (explicit) playlist - use a different device to play music if you are watching from th...