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Barre Build: Glutes, abs, chest, triceps, mid delts (12-17-21)

45-60 • 1h 2m

Up Next in 45-60

  • Full Body Barre: Outer thighs, glutes...

    - One glider (optional; can use paper plate / paper towel)
    - Chair
    - Light hand weights or water bottle
    - Small Pilates ball or rolled up towel / pillow
    - Long resistance band and loop band (or tie long resistance band)
    - Sturdy book or step (optional!)
    - Pillows if expecting!


  • Full Body Build: Hamstrings, quads, t...

    Heavy, medium, and light weights (I’ve got 20s, 15s, 10s, 6s)
    Resistance band
    Yoga block (or box of books)
    Pillow or cushion

    Optional Playlist:


  • Barre Build: Quads, glutes, anterior ...

    - Chair
    - Low step or book
    - One glider
    - Heavy / moderate weights
    - Light weights
    - Long resistance band
    - Small Pilates ball (or rolled up pillow / towel)

    (Sorry guys! All the stuff!)