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Barre Build: Quads, glutes, anterior delts, upper back, abs (12-10-21)

45-60 • 1h 4m

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  • Full Body Barre: Inner thighs, hamstr...

    - Step or books
    - Loop band and long resistance band
    - Light weights (I'm using 5s)
    - Small Pilates ball or rolled up towel / pillow

    *If you're pregnant, grab a stability ball and/or pillows so you're not lying all the way flat on your back

    Spotify: (optional)

  • Full Body Barre Build: Quads, hamstri...

    - Access to a wall
    - Chair and pillows for hamstring curls
    - Heavy / moderate weights
    - Light weights
    - Small Pilates ball

    Spotify: (optional!)

    Deborah (@barrenurse_)

  • Full Body Barre: Quads, inner thighs,...

    - Access to a wall & something to hold onto
    - One glider (optional)
    - Small Pilates ball
    - Light / medium hand weights (I have 5s and 8s)
    - Long resistance band

    Spotify: (optional -- play on separate device if you're using the Evlo app!)