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Lower Body Build: Quads, hamstrings, glutes (8-22-23)

5x/week no cardio • 35m

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  • Burn: Abs, back, shoulders, chest (8-...

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - Heavy dumbbells (for chest presses, I used 30lbs)
    - 1 light dumbbell (for shoulder work, I used a 5lb)
    - Long band

    Optional (explicit) playlist - use a different device to play music if you are watching from the apps:

  • Barre: Quads, hamstrings, biceps (8-2...

    - Stool + pillow (if you don't have a stool, stack a few pillows or modify without)
    - Moderate weights (I used 10lbs for high-rep bicep curls)
    - 1 heavy weight (for hamstring curls and eccentric bicep work, I used a 25lb)
    - Small Pilates ball or pillow

    Optional (explicit) playlist -...

  • Build +: Quads, hamstrings, biceps (8...

    * Build + and Barre work the same muscle groups. Only take one or the other. Both classes will work towards muscle hypertrophy. Build + features heavier lifts for shorter intervals with lighter weight drop sets laced in. Choose the class based on format preference. *

    Equipment (details below):