5x/week with cardio

5x/week with cardio

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5x/week with cardio
  • Upper Body Build: Chest, shoulders, biceps (1-16-23)

    - Heavy dumbbells (for chest presses - I'm using 25's)
    - Moderate dumbbells (for chest drop sets & heavier biceps - I'm using 20's)
    - Moderate/light dumbbells (for bicep drop sets, I'm using 15's)
    - 1 light dumbbell (for shoulder abduction - beginners use 3-5lb)
    - 1 really light dumbbe...

  • Low-Impact Cardio Burst (1-16-23)

    - None, option to wear tennis shoes

    Music is played over the video

  • Lower Body Build: Quads, hamstrings, and glutes (1-17-23)

    - Set of weights to stand on
    - Optional heavy weight (for sissy squats and step ups)
    - Chair or bench
    - Access to a wall

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/44mSufK5VRcDV2xnJfJgZ7?si=8c0ef02b7c2c4ee6

    Tiktok/IG: @payton.busker

  • Burn: Abs, upper back, lower back (1-18-23)

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - Gliders (or use paper plates, towels, etc)
    - 1 moderate weight (for upper back work)

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2xUIusj2qJo7JCGdv3vlAy?si=48360fe083da4d47

  • Cardio Burst (1-18-23)

  • Barre: Glutes & shoulders (1-19-23)

    - Chair
    - Light set of dumbbells (for shoulder work)

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3ytpaq7NQUoEGB7xv1MHH4?si=d08f01fc02b54a88

  • Full Body Build & Burn: Quads, abs, triceps, biceps, chest (1-20-23)

    - Heavy weights (for chest press, 1 for skull crushers, to stand on for sissy squats)
    - Extra heavy weight (for sissy squat)
    - Moderate weights (for bicep curls)
    - Pilates ball and/or pillow
    - Long resistance band
    - Set of wrist weights (optional)
    - Access to wall

    Playlist (explicit)...