5x/week with cardio

5x/week with cardio

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5x/week with cardio
  • Upper Body Build: Chest, biceps, shoulders

    - Heavy weights (for chest presses)
    - Moderate weights (for bicep curls + deltoid rows)
    - Light weights (for bicep dropsets + shoulders)
    - 1 very light weight (for shoulder dropsets)

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7f7BBzmWBRrySzA6v5FVmw?si=9314d9fb0f9a4091

  • Low-Impact Cardio Burst

    - None, wear tennis shoes!

  • Lower Body Build: Quads, hamstrings, glutes

    - Chair or bench
    - Stool and/or stack of books/pillows (for hamstring curls and opt. deficit lunges)
    - Heavy weight (for hamstring curls, matrix move, lunges)
    - Access to wall

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/14shc9B09izw3NmVQ1kVjR?si=b8aec2b2d73840d3


  • Burn: Abs & back

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - One light weight (optional for crunches and oblique work)

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0nXm9NwNnuaneT4LFwSaFX?si=083fbf366d76423b

  • Cardio Burst

    - None, wear tennis shoes

  • Barre: Glutes, shoulders, biceps

    - Kitchen chair/wall/or something to lean into
    - Moderate-light weights (for higher rep bicep curls)
    - Long resistance band
    - Loop resistance band (optional)

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0nXm9NwNnuaneT4LFwSaFX?si=dc037bdda1f94609

  • Full Body Build & Burn: Quads, abs, triceps, upper back, chest

    - 1 Extra heavy weight (for glider sissy lunges and sissy squats)
    - Heavy weights (for kickstand rows, chest press, to stand on)
    - Moderate weights (for skull crushers, chest flies, propped upper back rows)
    - Access to a wall
    - Gliders
    - Pilates ball and/or pillow

    Playlist (explicit):...