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Upper Body Build: Upper back, triceps, biceps (1-23-23)

5X/week without cardio • 27m

Up Next in 5X/week without cardio

  • Lower Body Build: Quads & hamstrings ...

    - 1 heavy weight (for hamstring curls and ball wall sits)
    - Chair, stool, pillow (hamstring curl set up)
    - Pilates ball (sub wall sits or sissy squats if you don't have a ball)
    - Access to a wall

    Playlist (explicit):

  • Burn: Abs, glutes, back (1-25-23)

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - Glider (or wear socks on hard wood)
    - 1 heavy weight for glider lunges (optional - you can use body weight)
    - Long resistance band
    - Access to a wall (for glider lunges)

    Playlist (explicit):

  • Barre: Quads & triceps (1-26-23)

    - Kitchen chair or something stable
    - Long resistance band
    - 1 light weight (for tricep work)
    - Small pillow or towel (for kneeling quad work)

    Music is optional, many members do without! If you'd like to play along, you can click the Spotify link below. If you are using the apps, you ...