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Upper Body Build: Upper back, biceps, shoulders (12-12-22)


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  • Lower Body Build: Quads, glutes, hams...

    - Heavy weights (for matrix, half deadlifts)
    - Extra heavy weight (to hold hamstring glider set up in place)
    - Gliders (can use paper plates, socks, dish towels)
    - Long resistance band

    Playlist (explicit):


  • Burn: Abs & back (12-14-22)

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - Gliders (or you can use towels, paper plates, magazines, etc)

    Playlist (explicit):

  • Full Body Build & Burn: Glutes, abs, ...

    - Pilates ball and/or pillow
    - Heavy weight (optional for glider lunges)
    - Set of heavy weights (for chest press and heavy kickstand rows)
    - Moderate weight (for kickstand row drop sets and propped rows)
    - Gliders (can use paper plates, towels, socks)
    - Access to a wall

    Playlist (exp...