Evlo Minis (5-20 min)

Evlo Minis (5-20 min)

10 Seasons

These classes are great when you're short on time! Feel free to sub any of these classes for the regular live classes.

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Evlo Minis (5-20 min)
  • Evlo Mini: Burn + HIIT

    Episode 1

    -Pilates ball

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2t8792SPgsE5bGg2sSVS9G?si=807b3784728c4e50

  • Evlo Mini: 7 minute abs

    Episode 2

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7Lg0ED14iWDSNzebO7YEA5?si=9ff11a443c95439a

  • Gentle Core Flow

    Episode 3

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow

  • Evlo Mini: Glider abs & back

    Episode 4

    - Gliders
    - Pilates ball and/or pillow

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6aJIUNbA8ngFQKLSxuH0rr?si=357eecb9f5a04d06

    Instagram: @payton.busker

  • Evlo Mini: Cardio combo + abs (with music)

    Episode 5

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    Music is played over the video!

  • Evlo Mini: 12 minute abs

    Episode 6

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow

  • Evlo Mini: Burn + HIIT

    Episode 7

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - Wear tennis shoes

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/25A1jXJGw4uCYgRXIggRjG?si=fde6ac136eb04098

  • Evlo Mini: 5 Minute Abs

    Episode 8

    - Small Pilates ball

  • Evlo Mini: Neck-friendly abs

    Episode 9

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - Pillow

  • Evlo Mini: 2nd/3rd Trimester Core

    Episode 10

    For expecting or postpartum mamas -- make sure to listen to your body and consult your doc! You can take this as an add-on or as a class all on its own.
    Or for anyone who wants different core moves, these can be subbed during a regular class.

    - Mat
    - Small Pilates ball (optional)

  • Evlo Mini: 2nd/3rd Trimester Cardio & Abs

    Episode 11

    Use the chair or wall if expecting, to elevate the plank position. If you're not expecting, you can always take the same ab exercises down to the floor.

    - Chair
    - Shoes (optional)

    Spotify: (optional) -- Go your own pace!

  • Evlo Mini Abs & Back

    Episode 12

    Grab a pilates ball (or pillow) and a moderate to light resistance band.

    Playlist is optional!

  • Evlo Mini: 10 min abs

    Episode 13

    My apologies for some loud audio!
    - Small Pilates ball or pillow

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1zH5QrPoFOSv0yqYn458pP?si=596f93b3894247e3

  • Evlo Mini: Plank Core & Cardio

    Episode 14

    No equipment, fast paced mini to burn your core & get your heart pumping!

    * If you are expecting, modify with a chair or wall to elevate planks in second and third trimesters.

    Optional playlist:

  • Evlo Mini: Arms and Abs

    Episode 15

    Muscle Groups: Deltoids, triceps, abs

    -Pilates ball or pillow
    -Light weights (I'm using 5s)

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1V6pNkbiqnrQeOTib7N4No?si=2010ca902db542fe