July 25th-29th

July 25th-29th

9 Seasons

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- 10-10:35am CST: Lower Body Build with Shannon
- 10:40-10:55am CST: Low-Impact Cardio Burst with Shannon
- Uploaded by 1pm CST: Full Body Build Combo with Shannon + Payton

- (Pre-recorded): Upper Body Build with Payton
- (Pre-recorded): Meditation with Payton

- 8-8:45am CST: Full Body Build & Burn with Payton
- (Pre-recorded): Burn + HIIT with Shauna
- 10-10:30am CST: Burn with Shannon
- 10:35-10:50am CST: Cardio Burst with Shannon

- (Pre-recorded): Flow + Strengthen with Payton
- 10-10:40am CST: Barre with Shannon
- 11:30am-12:00pm CST: Flow with Jess

-"Best of" class: Full Body Build & Burn with Payton
-10-11am CST: Full Body EVLO with Shannon
-11:30am CST: POP UP: Dance Cardio w/ Shannon and Payton

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July 25th-29th
  • Evlo Mini: Lower Body Build & Burn: Glutes & hamstrings

    Episode 1

    -1 Heavy weight (I'm using a 20)
    - Gliders

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5wDY7k515Xkm10eZemj1G2?si=f6fd71ebcb074892

  • Evlo Mini: Upper Body Build: Chest, shoulders, triceps

    Episode 2

    - Heavy weights for chest press (I'm using 25lb)
    - Moderate weights (I'm using 10lb)

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1zcOPNJA2VibUXdpk0Gcti?si=3a018d61bc3b4234

  • Evlo Mini: Glider abs & back

    Episode 3

    - Gliders
    - Pilates ball and/or pillow

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6aJIUNbA8ngFQKLSxuH0rr?si=357eecb9f5a04d06

    Instagram: @payton.busker

  • Evlo Mini: Full Body Build: Quads, biceps, upper back

    Episode 4

    - Heavy weights
    - Moderate weights
    - Resistance band

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0OTslJ1b7UJwK2WEAZmL1j?si=50ea283559344ca1