November 7-11

November 7-11

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10-10:30am CST: Upper Body Build w/ Shannon
10:40-10:55am CST: Low-Impact Cardio Burst w/ Shannon
Uploaded by 1 pm CST: Full Body Build w/ Payton and Shannon
Pre-recorded: 10 Minute Meditation w/ Payton

Pre-recorded: Lower Body Build w/ Payton
8-8:20 am CST: Revolving Recovery Day Class w/ Payton: RECOVERY FLOW

8-8:50am CST: Full Body Build & Burn w/ Payton
10-10:30am CST: Burn w/ Shannon
10:40-10:55am CST: Cardio Burst w/ Shannon
5-5:20pm CST: Live Zoom Meditation w/ Payton

10-10:35am CST: Barre w/ Shannon
(Pre-recorded): Flow w/ Jess

(Pre-recorded): Full Body Build & Burn w/ Payton
10-11am CST: Mashup Fridays w/ Shannon: BARRE BUILD

4-4:50pm CST: POP UP (LIVE ONLY): KALOS w/ Wendy

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November 7-11
  • Evlo Mini: Upper Body Burn: Upper back, shoulders, biceps

    Episode 1

    - Moderate weights (I’m using 10s)
    - 1 Extra light weight (I’m using a 2.5)

    Playlist (explicit):

  • Evlo Mini: Hamstring Burn

    Episode 2

    - Gliders, paper towels, or wear socks!
    - Chair
    - Long resistance band
    - Ankle weight (optional, I'm using 1 4lb ankle weight)

    Playlist (explicit):

  • Evlo Mini: Neck-friendly abs

    Episode 3

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - Pillow

  • Evlo Mini: Full Body Build+: Quads, glutes, shoulders, triceps

    Episode 4

    Build+ features heavier load with shorter sets!

    -Heavier of moderate weights (for sissy squats, half dead lifts, narrow presses)
    -Moderate weights (skull crushers)
    -Long resistance band

    Playlist (explicit):