3 Seasons

These programs, led and designed by Katherine Andrew, Functional Registered Dietitian, give step-by-step instructions and education on how to create sustainable and healthy nutrition habits that will nourish your fitness. These programs are a great compliment to the Evlo workouts. Please note that this is not nutrition advice, and Katherine cannot give individual advice about nutrition. To get the full benefits, start with the Fueling Your Fitness program, and watch each module in sequence.

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  • Introduction Video - Start Here!

    Episode 1

    Listen in to hear what Katherine will be covering in the latest nutrition series for Evlo Members

  • Video 1 - Elements of Sustainable Change

    Episode 2

    Join Katherine as she talks about what she thinks are the essential practice & mindset foundations for making sustainable health changes. This video is a must as you'll hear more about each of these throughout the remaining videos.
    Full body assessment link:

  • Video 2 - Signs & Symptoms

    Episode 3

    Join Katherine to hear more about the Signs & Symptoms that are helpful to move towards and pay attention to as you start to improve your nutrition practice.
    Full body assessment link:

  • Video 3 - Goals

    Episode 4

    Join Katherine as she helps walk us through a new way to visualize your goals that incorporates so much more!

  • Video 4 - Awareness & Tracking

    Episode 5

    Join Katherine as she introduces us to a tool she created that will help you pay attention to what is working and what needs to be tweaked during your journey with the Evlo Nutrition program.

  • Video 5 - Consistency & Meal Timing

    Episode 6

    Listen in to what Katherine has to teach us about staying consistent wtih your plan and how to think about meal timing, including a brief discussion of intermittent fasting.

  • Video 6 - Adequacy & Calculating Caloric Needs

    Episode 7

    Join Katherine as she teaches us how to make sure we are getting enough food and how to calculate an estimate of what our bodies need.

  • Video 7 - Meal Planning & Preparation

    Episode 8

    Watch Video 7 to learn more about what Katherine thinks are particularly important elements of sticking to your plan and making food accessible and easy to prepare.

  • Video 8 - Nutrient Density

    Episode 9

    Learn what Katherine considers to be the markers of nutrient density

  • Video 9 - Eating for Muscle Growth

    Episode 10

    Listen in to this video to learn more about what macronutrients are and why they matter as well as what to focus on to eat for muscle growth.

  • Nutrition Q&A

    Episode 11

  • Nutrition Q&A 2

    Episode 12

    Carbs, timing of eating, how long certain changes take (skin, weight, energy, mood), losing fat while gaining muscle, and more!

  • Consistency and calculating needs workbook

    289 KB

  • Goals workbook

    52.4 KB