October 17-21

October 17-21

10 Seasons

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- 10-10:35am CST: Upper Body Build with Shannon
- 10:40-10:55am CST: Low-Impact Cardio Burst with Shannon
- Uploaded by 1pm CST: Full Body Build Combo with Shannon + Payton

- (Pre-recorded): Lower Body Build with Payton
- (Pre-recorded): Meditation with Payton

- 8-8:45am CST: Full Body Build & Burn with Payton
- 10-10:30am CST: Burn with Shannon
- 10:35-10:50am CST: Cardio Burst with Shannon
- 5-5:20pm CST Zoom Meditation with Payton

- 8-8:45am CST: Flow + Strengthen with Payton
- 10-10:40am CST: Barre with Shannon
- (Pre-recorded): Flow with Jess

-8-8:45am CST: Full Body Build & Burn with Payton
-10-11am CST: Full Body EVLO with Shannon

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October 17-21
  • Upper Body Build: Upper back, triceps, shoulders (10-17-22)

    Episode 1

    - Heavy weights (for kickstand rows and narrow presses)
    - Moderate weights (for skull crushers)
    - Light weights (for shoulder abduction and tricep dropset)

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3HouzF7AC4ozAfRXrM50M0?si=957edb98ba8f44b9

  • Low-Impact Cardio Burst (10-17-22)

    Episode 2

    None, option to wear tennis shoes

  • Lower Body Build: Glutes & quads (10-18-22)

    Episode 3

    - Heavy weight (for sissy squats)
    - Weights to stand on (for sissy squats)
    - Chair or bench
    - Access to wall
    - Loop resistance band

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6zYgGnlvq8UlcZqjJelzk8?si=4f4ade6959874091

    Instagram: @payton.busker

  • Burn: Abs & back (10-19-22)

    Episode 4

    - Small Pilates ball
    - Pillow
    - Gliders (or wear socks if you're on wood floor)
    - Optional: one light weight

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4sskiaDNJDln1nEVCtWG5I?si=6542d0dceb7440c3

  • Cardio Burst (10-19-22)

    Episode 5

    - Chair or bench (optional)
    - Wear tennis shoes

  • EVLO: Glutes, abs, chest, biceps (10-21-22)

    Episode 6

    - Chair
    - Heavy weights (for Bulgarians and chest presses)
    - Moderate weights (for bicep curls)
    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - Access to a wall or something to lean into (optional, but encouraged!)