Prenatal/Postpartum Program

Prenatal/Postpartum Program

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Disclaimer: this program is not intended to be or replace physical therapy. By participating in this program, you agree that you have authorization from your doctor.
This program is divided into three categories:
- Prenatal first trimester
- Prenatal second/third trimester
- Postnatal
Feel free to jump in at any time during your pregnancy journey! You can also supplement any of these classes from our "Prenatal" category, or take the modifications you learn in these classes and apply them into the regular live classes. Drop any questions you have in the comments of the videos!

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Prenatal/Postpartum Program
  • 1st Trimester Lower Body Build: Glutes & quads

    Episode 1

    - 1 heavy weight (I'm using 25lb)
    - 1 set of dumbbells to prop heels on (use a rolled up mat/blanket if that's more comfortable for your feet)
    - Gliders, paper plates, or towels
    - A stack of pillows to create an incline to lay on

    Playlist (explicit):

  • 1st Trimester Upper Body Build: Chest, triceps, biceps

    Episode 2

    - Moderate Weights (I’m using 15s)

    Playlist (explicit):

    Instagram: @payton.busker

  • 1st Trimester Meditation

    Episode 3

    -Meditation pillow, mat, or blanket. All optional :)


    Instagram: @payton.busker

  • 1st Trimester Burn: Abs & back

    Episode 4

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow
    - Pillow
    - Resistance band

    Playlist (explicit):

  • Prenatal Flow 1

    Episode 5

    This prenatal flow is suitable for all trimesters and focused on movements closer to the ground.

    - 2 yoga blocks
    - A thick blanket (or beach towel)
    - A firm pillow or bolster

  • 1st Trimester Full Body Build: Glutes, hamstrings, delts, triceps

    Episode 6

    - 1 Heavy weight (I'm using a 20)
    - 1 Light weight (I'm using a 5)
    - Long resistance band
    - Kitchen chair or bench
    - Stack of books and/or pillows (for hamstring curls)

    Playlist (explicit):

    Instagram: @payt...