Recovery Day Classes

Recovery Day Classes

Whether you want a relaxing class or some light cardio, these classes are great to get your body moving, and aren't likely to impede recovery from your strength sessions!

Recovery Day Classes
  • Recovery Day Cardio

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    Beat-to-movement, this class is "dancey" and fun. Expect to break down four moves and repeat them in a sequence. Perfect to lightly elevate your heart rate, have fun, challenge coordination, and get your body moving in creative ways.


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    This class is for the seasoned Evlo member who loves F+S. This class starts with a mobility flow, moves through a power yoga sequence, introduces light cardio elements, and ends with mobility and savasana. Perfect for light to moderate intensity cardio on your recovery day.

  • Flow
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    This class, inspired by vinyasa-style yoga, is a mind-body experience meant to get you moving and flowing between postures. Perfect for a recovery day when you need a relaxing class that gets you moving.

  • Mobility

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    These classes get your joints and body moving by targeting fluid movements through specific joints. For joint health, check out our joint stability program.